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Things to be grateful for

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The procedure has been completed.

If you have ever heard the expression “shot-gun wedding”… today was my shot-gun dental surgery.

Contrary to my earlier post, my endodontist decided to drive back from his other home (1.5 hours away) after receiving my tear filled page at 4 am this morning. I fought to manage my pain..  but nothing..  literally nothing was pacifying it. 2 percocets, 3500 mg of ibuprofen and on my way to refill ice for the 6th time…I broke out in heaving sobs by my dining table.

Oddly enough, as if Angel (my cat) knew I was in pain..she no longer ran ahead for my attention…she stopped, turned and watched me. The pain was overwhelming.

I prayed for relief. I could no longer sit and read online blogs while holding an ice pack to my face because I was starting to see spots…Half sitting up, I curled over the ice pack/towel/pillow set up I devised. Laying in the dark only aware that I was in pain…and that no one was there. (Interesting how in the midst of suffering we become very aware of being alone)

By 7 am…my prayers were answered. Despite aching pain… everything seemingly surreal…a soothing occurred that enabled me to sleep for a couple of hours.

By the time I woke up…I had missed two calls from him…letting me know he was on his way etc…

As I had suspected…though my cheeks are chubby… one side was swollen due to infection and he could tell just by touching it.

Not all the tissue had been cleaned out during the root canal procedure I underwent 2 weeks ago, so it caused the infection from the abscess to fester. As he drilled in…he exclaimed that fluids were gushing out and how I should feel relief from the pressure… and bear with the taste.


Forget taste… for me the idea of infection fluid rolling around my mouth and possibly getting swallowed was way worse than the thought of a nasty taste.
To finish it off…he began using a scraper to dig into my gums warning me that I would feel it..but that it was necessary in order for fluids to be drained etc.

He also shaved my tooth down since the infection had caused it to loosen, leading to collisions with my upper teeth.

I now have a hole in my gums, a hole in my tooth and more pills to ingest.

All this being said, I have decided there are things to be thankful for:

Thank You for him deciding to inconvenience himself for my sake.

Thank You for the problem being identified.

Thank You that my tooth could be saved.

Thank You that the infection was caught before spreading to my blood stream.

Thank You that the pain became so unbearable, I did not continue to “tough it out”.

Thank You for relief and for the possibility that I will be able to sleep through the night again.

And there are more… but for now, I will rest.




Author: ladyhallow21

I am simply just me. Some people consider me free spirited...some consider me conservative. I have been told I am dominant, moody, playful and charming... but those are all just personality traits. Who I am is defined by who my Father calls me, his daughter...though adopted... I was chosen... and have an inheritance... so yes... that is who I am. in the midst of this, I am not a cookie cutter person... I am very much an expression of an individual. I love to travel...I love food...and I love people. :)

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