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The trail runner

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After a couple of hours of walking Porters Creek trail… when you start to see a pattern with narrowing rocky paths, trees, and the sound of rushing water… you kind of zone out into the routine of the trek….even when I was bumping into pairs of people who were curious as to how much longer they had to go… or others as they reached their limit and were heading back down the trail.. the one person that truly caught my attention was the trail runner… as I headed back down I saw this young girl gracefully jogging up the path as I stepped aside for her… and was completely impressed. As she passed by I took this picture of her… and knew there was a great chance that if she kept up her speed, we would be crossing paths again…

Well we did, and this time I asked to take her picture.

From this point on, we journeyed back down just talking sincerely and openly. I told her how she was the talk of the crowds because multiple people had asked me if I had seen her etc.. Bottom line.. I admired her.. a 26 year old, lawyer, definitely physically fit considering she was training for a 30 mile trail run, and clueless as to what to do next with her life 🙂 …yet she was so full of life… energetic… you name it… there was not a dull part of our convo as we exchanged a little bit of history and some of our present standing…and she brought up how there is a great divide in people from age 23 on… between those who know exactly what they want to do… make money, etc… while we… her and I for example were just not sure.

I learn a lot about this trail runner, shared laughs and truly thought to myself, we would actually be friends had we met under different circumstances.

She definitely made me think about where I want to be physically and was a refreshing reminder of how it was okay to not be sure of what was to come next… at the end of the day, I just want to enjoy whatever I end up doing… I just want to live my life to the fullest



Author: ladyhallow21

I am simply just me. Some people consider me free spirited...some consider me conservative. I have been told I am dominant, moody, playful and charming... but those are all just personality traits. Who I am is defined by who my Father calls me, his daughter...though adopted... I was chosen... and have an inheritance... so yes... that is who I am. in the midst of this, I am not a cookie cutter person... I am very much an expression of an individual. I love to travel...I love food...and I love people. :)

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