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Victim of the “alpha moms”

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While I wish I could have written this post, my very first entry on 🙂 , several hours ago… I still consider these thoughts worth re-hashing.

Today, I became a victim of the “alpha moms”. Like many travellers, I was running on fumes… I had been rudely awakened by my alarm at 3:30 am (- went to bed around 1 am or so – ) and knew it was time to finish packing, shower, and fly out the door to drive 2 hours to the orlando international airport.

Though I was relieved to have finally made it to the security checkpoint… I knew things were about to take a turn… tensions were high… people looked absolutely aggravated … and the line… yes I said line…as in 1 line, was at a complete standstill for what seemed to be another 10 to 15 minutes till they broke us up into multiple lines…

In the midst of the crowd, a woman caught my attention because she had a very stern, authoritative look on her face, like she was on a mission. Initially I was not sure if she was the mother of the two girls she was standing in between because they seem so disjointed…but her actions soon made it clear that she was the mother hen of the flock…she stood between her daughters (the youngest being in front)… and with a look of determination, made it clear to the check point man that she had ALL the necessary documentation for her babies to go through with her… with a slight smirk on her face as she handed him more paper work before he could even ask. Eventually the elderly checkpoint man called attention to the husband? Wow, you would have never guessed he was part of the family until that very moment.

Then this younger attractive man took over and proceeded to ask that same family if they had been checked, once she gave the nod, he turned to me…

Now here is where things got interesting. You would think that me being right next to that family would mean that I was somehow going to be distributed into one of the split of lines after them… but no… I was bulldozed out of my position by what I will now term the alpha mom.

The alpha mom is that woman who feels entitled to hold a certain domineering heir about her all in the name of “protecting her child and keeping her family together”… if married, like the one today was, she is that woman who decides to cut in front of you, and then proceeds to beckon her daughter to come stand next to her… basically giving her permission to do exactly what she did now that she secured a position… and then as if to save face, her naturally passive husband plunges forward to state that he is the head of the household.

My initial reaction was… you can fill in the gaps… but then I told myself, I know I am meant to prefer others over myself so this should not matter… but it just did not seem right… I watched it happen more than once and thought to myself… what is this really about…

Despite the fact that I myself am pretty…dominant as a person… somehow I ended up about another 15 minutes behind the family I was initially next to… meaning while they had been long gone… I was STILL waiting to have my bags scanned etc…

I know I have changed because a few years ago, I certainly would have reclaimed my rightful place with a look of indignation and pride written all over my face, feeling absolutely justified… and if necessary, would have gladly made a few comments … but today, I allowed myself to be the trampled on… and I can sincerely say, it did not feel good… BUT there was peace in that.



Author: ladyhallow21

I am simply just me. Some people consider me free spirited...some consider me conservative. I have been told I am dominant, moody, playful and charming... but those are all just personality traits. Who I am is defined by who my Father calls me, his daughter...though adopted... I was chosen... and have an inheritance... so yes... that is who I am. in the midst of this, I am not a cookie cutter person... I am very much an expression of an individual. I love to travel...I love food...and I love people. :)

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